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We are located in Northern New Jersey and specialize in fine American Antique Clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries.  We purchase individual clocks or entire collections and will travel. This Site consists of two pages of clocks for sale with both updated periodically. Please see our special interests list at the bottom of this page.  In business 25 years.
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We are always interested in buying fine antique American clocks. Premium prices paid for clocks in original condition. Particularly interested in the following:
Early Weight Driven Banjo Clocks - Signed or Unsigned
New Hampshire Mirror Clocks - Signed or Unsigned
Early Massachusetts Willard Shelf Clocks
Early Brass Shelf Clocks - Salem Bridge and Others
New York State Clocks - Mungers, etc.
New Jersey, New England and PA Tall Case Clocks
Carved and Stenciled Case Transition Clocks
Pillar and Scroll Clocks
Sawin and Dyar Lyre Banjo Clock
Boston Massachusetts - Ca. 1822-1827
Wonderfully carved mahogany true lyre banjo clock signed by John Sawin and George Dyar. This famous partnership was a prolific maker of lyre timepieces in the mid-1820's. The clock is signed "Sawin & Dyar, Boston" in flowing script on the dial. The painted iron dial is original and is in excellent untouched condition. Original steel hands. Original brass bezel and glass over dial. The  case is remarkable on this clock. The surface is original and has the finest carving I have ever seen on any lyre banjo. The carving consists of vines. leaves and a cornucopia terminating in two serpents heads, all on a background with a punched snowflake design. This background design is associated with the Salem Massachusetts cabinetmakers and carvers. Several fine and well documented carvers were working in Salem during the years in which Sawin and Dyar were producing clocks. The mahogany veneered throat panel is original to the case and has excellent graining. There is an age crack at the very bottom of the panel. These age cracks are often found on the original panels of wood front banjos. The case has wonderful proportions and is referred to as a true lyre which is the finest form of the lyre cases made during this early period. Original lower bracket and acorn drop finial. Original eight day brass movement is mounted to the case with diagonal screws through the backplate with a cotter pin mounting scheme. Original plinth and a very impressive gilt eagle finial.  An exceptional early signed lyre banjo in fine original condition.
Price: SOLD

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Simon Willard & Son Stencil Front Banjo Clock
Boston, Massachusetts - Ca. 1825
Very fine and rare signed full presentation stencil front banjo clock made by Simon Willard and Son. This was a partnership of Simon Willard Sr. and Simon Willard Jr. which was in business from 1823 to 1828. The dials on the clocks produced by this firm were signed in several different ways. While all have the firm name Simon Willard & Son, some have an inventory number just below the name, Boston (as this one does), Boston with an inventory number, and other examples have nothing at all following the firm name. While there are several excellent references in many of the books for clocks made by this partnership, for a virtually identical example see Brooks Palmers "The Book Of American Clocks" figure 143. This clock is in excellent original condition. The original painted iron dial is signed "Simon Willard & Son, Boston". The signature and numerals are untouched. There is one scratch in the white background that has been touched up above the center arbor. The dial is held in place by four turned screws and two guide pins. Very fine original barbed steel hands. The original eight day brass movement is attached to the case with two diagonal through bolts, which was the mounting scheme traditionally used by this firm. There is a nice cleaning record scratched into the front plate of the movement by Elnathan Taber. The stenciled surface is original on both the clock frames and the presentation bracket. The lower bracket, which is original to the case, also features a nice two tone gilding on both the drop finial and the very upper lip of the bracket. A similar treatment on the bracket of another stencil front banjo clock can be seen in Paul Foley's "Willard's Patent Time Pieces" on page 137. The clock retains its original reverse painted glasses which have outstanding colors. Both the throat and box glasses have a light mustard exterior background with red and gilt interior designs set off against a darker mustard  field. The contrast in the colors of these glasses is quite dramatic. Very minor background touch up done to both glasses long ago. Original surface on the sides of the case. Original brass bezel and sidearms. Very fine and appropriate gilt acorn finial. A superior signed presentation banjo clock with rare stenciled frames and wonderful glasses.
Price: SOLD
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Norris North Pillar and Scroll Shelf Clock
Torrington Connecticut - Ca. 1825
Diminutive pillar and scroll clock made by Norris North. This clock case has wonderful proportions. Only 26 1/16 to the top of the center plinth and 12 13/16 across the main portion of the case excluding the turned pillars. The clock case is in excellent condition with original finish. The scroll top and lower skirt are complete and original with no breaks and all original glue blocks in place and undisturbed.  Beautiful original painted wooden dial with colorful corner spandrels and fine Arabic numerals. Original terry type hands.  Original reverse painted lower glass with manor and landscape scene and a classic gilt and pink border used by North in his clocks. We have seen this exact unique design in two other examples. There is touch up to portions of the sky and building which is extremely well done. Original clear upper glass. Original Torrington East West 30 hour wooden movement. Very nice full label is in very good condition. Finials are proper old replacements. Torrington pillar and scroll clocks, with their unique sizes and movement are quite rare and difficult to find in original condition. This is a very fine example with great proportions, surface and wonderful colors in the dial and glass.
Price: SOLD
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J.C. Brown Acorn Clock 
Forestville Manufacturing Company
Bristol Connecticut - Ca. 1847
This very rare form was designed by J.C. Brown and produced by his Forestville Manufacturing Company. The case and side arms are made of multiple layers of laminated wood with alternating light and dark colors. The case surface is original and has a nice mellow patina. The case along with the curved sidearms are in very nice condition with just a couple of normal age cracks. The upper glass is original and retains the original reverse painted blue and gilt border. Original painted metal dial is undisturbed and is nicely signed "Forestville Manufact'g Co. Bristol CT U.S.A". Very fine period J.C. Brown hands. The lower reverse painted glass is also original and is in very nice condition with some minor touch up. The scene is the most classic one that is found in the few original examples that have surfaced over the years and is of  Lower Broadway in New York City.  Depicted on the left is the P.T. Barnum Museum (destroyed by fire in 1867) with St. Paul's Church (still standing) and a Federal building on the right along with horse drawn carriages, a pink sunset and blue sky above. The original glueblocks hold both glasses in place. Original lyre shaped eight day brass time and strike fusee movement. The wooden fusees are placed at the bottom of the case. Original blue wall paper on interior of backboard. This very clock is pictured in Horology Americana on page 169. Fine examples such as this simply do not come on the market often. This is truly a gem.
Price: SOLD

Aaron Willard Massachusetts Shelf Clock
Boston Mass. - Ca. 1820-1825
Wonderful and rare Massachusetts dish-dial shelf clock made by Aaron Willard in Boston.  Beautiful form and condition make this a very special clock. Original scrolled fret work and brass fluted urn and spire finial. Original concave painted iron dial is in in very nice shape and with original steel hands. Original eight day brass movement sits on original seat board. Original black iron weight. Outstanding original reverse painted glasses in the dial surround as well as the lower glass panel. Note anchors on a red background in all corner spandrels top and bottom and consistent black background with green, red and gilt floral designs.  Finding these glasses in original condition is virtually unheard of in early Massachusetts shelf clocks. Traditional landscape scene in center of lower glass.  Some minor touch up to sky and surrounding  landscape. Brass ball feet on front of case are consistent with typical original brass feet but are more likely turn of the century appropriate replacements. Wooden capitals above brass feet appear original. Original rear beehive molded wooden feet are dovetailed into case. This clock case has excellent color and a wonderful original finish that has just been lightly cleaned over the years. The wood strips and finishing nails holding the original reverse painted glasses are consistent top and bottom and show age but were likely replaced at the time clock case was cleaned. Original glue blocks line the hood and lower case. Original thin dial mat with original red wash with minor loss (cannot see unless hood is removed). Outstanding early Willard shelf clock with great presence, colors and form in fine original condition. A rare opportunity in early Willard clocks.
Price: SOLD

Joseph Ives Brooklyn Model Shelf Clock
Brooklyn New York - Ca. 1825  
Lever Spring shelf clock made for a short period of time by Joseph Ives. This particular example is extremely rare in that it has the experimental wrought brass movement which Ives used in his earliest production of these interesting clocks. The eight day time and strike movement is driven by a large wagon spring located in the bottom of the case. He later used a large strap brass movement. The case styles on these clocks vary with this being the most sought after with two fully round painted side columns flanking a nicely curved mahogany veneered throat. This clock has its original signed dial which is comprised of paper applied to an iron dial pan. Original steel hands and pewter bezel. Dial has been varnished long ago and has darkened over time. Some losses to dial consistent with age. Wonderful original reverse painted lower glass depicting a large tea house, landscape and lake. Minor touch up to painting. Similar scenes are often found in the large mirror clocks which Joseph Ives also produced. Case retains its original finish. Original paper label, with some losses to bottom, reads " Manufactured by Joseph Ives, Brooklyn, Long Island, New York."  This very clock is pictured in Dworetsky and Dickstein's book Horology Americana on page 159. Very fine and unique shelf clock in original condition produced by one of the most innovative clockmakers of the period.
Price : SOLD
Samuel Abbott Boston Mirror Clock
Boston Massachusetts - Ca. 1827-1830
Outstanding Gilt Boston Mirror clock made by Samuel Abbott. This unique mirror clock form is quite rare. Clock case retains its original fully gilded surface. The original signed painted iron dial is in excellent condition with beautiful bold script signature of Samuel Abbott. The dial surface is untouched. Original steel hands. Original clear glass over dial and original mirror in lower portion of case. Inside this clock are many special features as well. Original eight day brass Grand Piano movement which is a signature itself for the work of Samuel Abbott. Original paper label on interior of backboard. The label has some expected losses given that the weight runs directly over it but most has survived and is now under protective plastic cover. The clock has its original narrow weight which is guided down the case as it runs by two steel rods. Original pendulum rod and brass bob. Clock is nicely proportioned at 31 1/2 inches in height by 15 1/2 inches wide. Movement has a servicing record scratched into the front plate by Elnathan Taber, who serviced many Boston area clocks from this period. A forty year old catalog from a small Pennsylvania auction house included this very clock, documenting that at one time it was part of the very impressive Canton Ohio collection of Dr. Oscar and Betty Clovis. Photocopies of the auction catalogue can be provided with the clock if desired. While New Hampshire is clearly the home of the mirror clock, the surrounding areas of Boston and Maine also produced some impressive examples which are far more difficult to find, especially in original condition. 
Price : SOLD

E. Howard & Co. Special Order Gallery Clock
Boston Mass. - Ca. 1875
Exceptional Gallery Wall Clock in impressive mahogany case with black painted plate glass dial, gilt numerals and clock maker's signature. This clock style does not appear in the Howard catalogues and is a variant of the Gallery # 73 model. The E. Howard Clock Co. produced several special order clocks over the years which are highly desirable. This clock is certainly another such example found. It is a commercial sized model measuring 27 inches high by 23 inches wide, with a 16 inch dial diameter. The provenance documented in the clocks interior indicates that it was purchased directly from the New England Life Insurance Company in 1937. This is the period in which this Insurance Company moved its headquarters from a building constructed in 1875 at 37 Milk Street in Boston to Boylston Street where it still exists today. This clock was likely a special order for the new headquarters built in 1875 and sold to the public during the period of relocation. The clock retains its original plate glass dial held place by the original putty as well as the original large shaped brass hands. The gilt numerals and signature are original with minor touch up while the background has been re-blacked similar to many Howard glasses of the period. The impressive clock case retains its original surface with a light cleaning at some point. Original mahogany panel in the lower box as well as the original lock. Minor chipping to the very upper right door molding from rubbing against the round bezel. The movement is a large classic E. Howard style with a three pulley compound configuration to run eight days. It sits on the original seat board and retains its original painted wooden pendulum rod and brass bob as well as the original weight. The movement is embossed "E. Howard Clock Company, Boston" on the upper left corner. The thick molded bezel is mounted to the case on two large original dowels and secured with three screws. There are no additional holes in the head of the case. There is a fourth screw under the numeral VI which serves no purpose as it would interfere with the pendulum rod. Indicative that this bezel may have been used on other Gallery Models produced during the period excluding the lower drop box. A highly attractive and very unusual model for custom commercial order by the E. Howard Clock Co. in fine original condition.
Price : SOLD
Heman Clark Salem Bridge Shelf Clock
Plymouth CT - Ca. 1820
Excellent case on case shelf clock made by Heman Clark. The mahogany veneered case is in very fine condition and has been nicely refinished at some point. A couple of age cracks in the molding over the upper door. Three maple veneers across upper crest. Wonderful original painted iron dial is untouched with classic flowing script signature and colorful corner spandrels. Original hands and seconds bit. Original reverse painted lower glass depicts a country scene often found on these clocks. The clear glass over the dial is original as well. Both glasses are held in place by the original putty. Some minor tasteful touch up to lower painting is well done. Original eight day brass rack and snail Salem Bridge movement. Original cast iron weights. This example is particularly colorful with an attractive yellow, green and red exterior border in the lower glass, lively graining of the case surface along with the fine dial. A very elegant and difficult clock to find in this condition. 
Price : SOLD
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William Cummens Presentation Gilt Front Banjo Clock
Roxbury MA.- Ca. 1820
​Fine original example of an early full presentation gilt front William Cummens banjo clock with labeled chariot scene. Original dial is signed "Warranted by William Cummens". The dial surface is untouched and completely original. The signature is in the finest condition of any original William Cummens examples I have seen. There are the usual scratches and wear associated with age and use but I would classify this dial as outstanding. It is held in place by two bent screws and two guide pins which is typical for Cummens clocks. The original steel barbed hands are also typical of William Cummens in that the arrow and barbs are shorter than those used by other Boston area clockmakers. This clock retains its original glasses with a colorful and nicely executed chariot scene labeled “Neptune” in the lower box. While Neptune chariot scenes are not unusual, labeled Neptune scenes are very rare. The original throat glass is extraordinarily colorful and has a white gesso outer border and gilt and multi-colored interior design matching the lower box glass. Both glasses are still held in place by several original glue blocks, with a few replacements as well. The case retains its original finish and gilded surface on the frames with some touch up and repair to a small section of the rope molding. The thin upper tongue on the throat frame which slips under the dial has been well repaired. The lower presentation bracket is original to the clock. The form is a bit more pronounced than most. There is typical wear and darkening to parts of the gilding but overall it's quite nice. The gilded acorn finial is period and possibly original to the clock. The lower box retains its original side latch to secure the door as well as most of its original glue blocks. Weight pan is an old replacement. Original brass bezel and side arms. The original eight day brass movement has an off center ‘T’ bridge suspension, another typical characteristic of William Cummens, and mounts to the case with the original diagonal through-bolts. Original Weight. A very nice signed gilt front presentation banjo clock in original condition with a  desirable labeled chariot scene in the lower glass.

Edmund Currier Gilt Mirror Clock
Salem Massachusetts - Ca. 1828-1830 
Impressive gilt mirror clock made and signed by Edmund Currier. The case is fully gilded with alternating water and oil based gilded half round columns. Wonderful raised gesso designs on both the corner blocks and half round moldings. Gilding on the clock is original and in excellent condition. Original reverse painted glass over dial is superb with gilt and red shields in the corners, multi-colored floral designs throughout, and thin gilt round interior border, all on a rich dark burgundy background. Original mirror and backboard held in place by the original finishing nails. The original heavy iron concave dial mounts to the case with two bent screws and retains its original painted surface with a wonderful "E. Currier" signature just below the center arbor. Nice original steel hands. Original eight day brass movement is held in place with a single rear center bolt. Very interesting original "tombstone" weight pan inside the clock case receives the weight as it falls. All interior case glue blocks are original. A very lively and clean New England mirror clock by one of the prolific makers of period wall clocks including banjos, lyres and mirror clocks with a highly striking appearance. Overall a superb and important example of Edmund Currier's work. Clock case is 34 1/2 inches tall by 16 1/2 inches wide.
Price SOLD
Eli Porter Inlaid Tall Case Clock
Williamstown, Ma. Circa 1810

Highly inlaid formal cherry tall case clock made and signed by Eli Porter on both the dial and the movement. The form of this clock is quite unique and follows very closely the work of Daniel Porter, Eli’s uncle, who trained and worked with Eli in Williamstown. Daniel Porter was an apprentice to Daniel Burnap in East Windsor CT which shows in the quality of the movements produced by the Porters. Eli took over the Porter family clock business following Daniel’s death in 1809. While Daniel’s clocks exhibited nicely inlaid cases, this particular example has truly exceptional and diverse dark and light colored inlays throughout the case. All of the string inlay on the clock is in three contrasting layers. The workmanship in this case is rarely seen in any region but is particularly impressive given that the clockmaker was in a country area such as Williamstown. The case, which has wonderful form, was likely made in the nearby Berkshire region and rivals the inlay work done in any of the major Cities in the Northeast at that time. This very clock appears in two books, Wallace Nutting’s “Furniture Treasury” Volume two figure 3267 and in Brooks Palmer’s “The Book Of American Clocks” figure 49.

The hood has a very fine and classic broken arch pediment with checkerboard inlaid terminals. The finial plinths have a wide mosaic type inlay pattern which also extends impressively down both sides of the tympanum. There is a very fine curved molding with tight bookend inlays coming down from the center finial plinth and a restored inlaid keystone in the center of the hood molding. The hood has two fluted colonnettes with brass capitals and bases. The door frame has triple string inlay in a light-dark-light pattern. There is an age crack in the left object scroll. Original door glass has a barely noticeable tight corner crack about ¼ inch in length just above the corner spandrel over the numeral 10. The hood contains all of its original glueblocks and has its original Hepplewhite door pull. Ball and spire brass finials are nice old replacements.

The frieze above the full length door has three sets of light-dark bookend inlay separated by two rectangular mahogany veneers. The fluted quarter columns in the waist rest on short mahogany veneered plinths with matching checkerboard inlay at both the top and bottom of the columns. The shaped door has a central dome at the top inlaid with writhing light and dark fans. In the very center of the door there is a vertical Gothic oval of grained mahogany veneer surrounded by triple stringing which terminates at the top and bottom in a wonderful looping pattern. 

The base of the clock is nicely framed with dark mahogany veneer and has a mahogany veneered horizontal Gothic oval in the center containing another light and dark writhing fan design. The mahogany oval is surrounded by triple stringing with the same wonderful loop design in each corner matching those on the waist door. There is a single horizontal band of mosaic inlay which is set into the mahogany veneer framing at the bottom of the base and sits just above the French feet and beautifully shaped apron. The French feet are original to the case and are in fine condition with just normal chipping and fine cracks. The base retains all its original glueblocks as well.

The case surface has an old refinish and retains a fine rich patina. The case interior is untouched and shows its country origins in the shape of the glueblocks and the rough corner blocking which runs the length of the front of the case interior. At the top of the backboard is the original and undisturbed borings to make room for the suspension bridge and swing of the crutch which holds the pendulum rod. The backboard also has singular marks made by the original pendulum rod rating nut and large brass bob indicating that the original movement placement has never been adjusted in any way. 

The original signed painted iron dial is in magnificent condition and is completely undisturbed including the original revolving moon dial in the lunette and the central calendar wheel. The dial is signed “Warranted and Made by Eli Porter”, has fine Arabic numerals, dotted minutes with Arabic markers placed every five minutes, and colorful floral corner spandrels edged in raised gilt gesso. The dial was made by the Osborne Manufactory of Birmingham, England and has a cast iron false plate behind the dial with the name ‘Osborne’ engraved into it. The calendar dial is also engraved on the back “Osborne Manufactory, Birmingham”. The clock retains its original Chippendale steel hands and seconds bit.  

The original eight day time and bell strike brass movement is large and has solid heavy brass plates, with tapered knopped and cuffed brass pillars, anchor recoil escapement, grooved winding drums, and a rack and snail striking mechanism on the front plate. The front plate contains a worn script signature by the maker “Made and Warranted by Eli Porter”. The movement sits on the original seatboard. The wooden pendulum rod and large brass bob are also original. The movement is finely made and similar to those made by Eli’s teacher, Daniel Porter. This type of fine craftsmanship dates back to Daniel Burnap who trained Daniel Porter and further to Thomas Harland, trainer of Daniel Burnap. Despite working in the countryside, Porter movements were of the highest quality, and their case continued to be handcrafted with the utmost sophistication.  

This is a stunning clock with fine form and magnificent inlays in superior original condition. Clock is 7 feet 6 inches to the top of the center finial.
Price: SOLD

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Asa Munger Stovepipe Shelf Clock
Auburn, N.Y.  Circa : 1825-1830

Exceedingly rare shelf clock made by Asa Munger in Auburn NY. While Asa Munger and the various partnerships he was involved with were prolific clockmakers for a number of years in various forms including tall case, wall, pillar and scroll and several variants of empire shelf clocks, there is no empire form that appears as seldom as the Stovepipe model. Three main categories of empire shelf clocks were made by Munger and his partnerships, the flat top case, carved and reverse painted glass top and side column cases, and the stovepipe. The flat top models were his most common with all the rest being quite rare but the wonderful carved and reverse painted glass top and side column models at least show up occasionally. Stovepipe models such as this one essentially do not show up. Clearly these cases were made in relatively small numbers and are extremely prized today.

This is a wonderful original example of the stovepipe model. It retains its original case surface with perhaps a very light cleaning. All of the case carvings are original including the splat, pineapple finials, upper rosettes and the upper and lower cups which receive the long hollow stenciled and paint decorated tin pipes through which the weights fall. The carvings on the clock are wonderfully done and with the exception of the upper rosettes are consistent with most other documented examples. The upper rosettes on these clocks are usually convex and round in form while this example has a concave and multi-sided carved design. One other documented example has a more square design, so clearly variants on the carvings were done. The tin columns retain their original black painted surface along with the original stencil and painted designs in a floral and leaf pattern. There is the expected pitting in the tin with age and some losses and fading to the colorful stenciled and painted patterns. The columns are still vibrant and most importantly untouched.

The clock also retains its original painted iron dial which attaches to the eight day brass movement with three dial feet. The painted surface of the dial is original and untouched including the fine signature of "Asa Munger, Auburn".  Slight wear to numerals and minor losses around dial feet as expected. Original steel hands and seconds bit. Most of the documented stovepipe examples do not have a signature on the dial nor a label inside the case. Of the other examples I have seen physically, only two were signed on the dial "A. Munger & Co., Auburn NY" while a third in a book is signed as this one is "Asa Munger, Auburn".  In the high period of his shelf clock manufacturing the succession of partnerships came fairly quickly from about 1825 to 1835 with A. Munger & Co. coming along in 1833 with his partners Thaddeus Benedict and Clarke Hotchkiss. As such, this example would be of earlier manufacture than the other signed examples while Asa was working on his own. He had a partnership with just Thaddeus Benedict from 1830 to 1832, prior to the addition of Clarke Hotchkiss.

The case hardware on the clock is also original with two hepplewhite brass pulls used to open the upper and lower doors. Original brass bezel. The deep borings in the wood of the upper door to make room for the bell and fly wheel are consistent with other examples I have seen. The lower door retains either a period or original mirror. These doors were so shallow that to my knowledge a wooden backboard was not used but just putty to hold in the mirrors. In this example the original putty has come loose or has been removed. There are traces of the original putty on both the lower door frame and back of the mirror, which is now held in place by more modern pins. The wall paper inside the lower part of the case is original and consistent with other examples. The flying eagle pendulum bob is missing in this example. 

Eight day brass time and strike movement is original to the case and sits on the original seat board. Weights are replacements.

Overall, this is one of the true gems out there in the Asa Munger Stovepipe category given its original condition and rare signed dial. A majestic and authentic piece from the highly desirable clock making history of Asa Munger in upstate NY
Price SOLD

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Abiel Chandler New Hampshire Mirror Clock
Concord NH - Ca. 1830-1835

Outstanding and classic example of a New Hampshire mirror clock made by Abiel Chandler. The original painted iron dial is signed "A. Chandler". The painted dial surface is untouched and in superb condition. Beautiful original steel hands. One dial mounting block is replaced just above the numeral XII. It is placed precisely where the original block was. The long lower mounting block is original. Excellent original reverse painted glass over the dial. The painting exhibits the classic flame turned design found in similar New Hampshire mirror clocks. The glass has wonderful colors of light green, red and gilt designs and is held in place by the original glue blocks. The reverse painting has had no restoration and is in wonderful condition. The case retains its original gilt and black painted surface and the original brass rosettes on each of the four corner blocks. There are a couple of small areas where the surface has been touched up but this is very minor. This case surface is all one can ask for in these clocks with very vibrant gilding on the columns with just the wear expected with age. The mirror is a nice period replacement. The backboard behind the mirror is original and held in place with the original finishing nails. The clock has its original eight day brass movement held in place with two rear bolts through the back plate. Chandler used several different movement designs in these mirror clocks over the years. This clock has a very simple clean rectangular based design. Original pendulum rod and brass bob. Original black iron weight. The clock case is an excellent and desirable small size measuring just slightly over 28 1/2 inches long by 13 1/2 inches wide. This size is a shade smaller than most of Chandlers clocks which are typically 29 or 30 by 14. The proportions and form are excellent. Original mirror clocks in this condition are difficult to find today and one will look a long time to find a better example. Simply a wonderful signed mirror clock by Abiel Chandler in very fine original condition with superb colors and form. 
Price : $Please Call or E-Mail for Price.

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